Kalamar Bay is a hidden gem situated just around the headland of Kalkan, it is only a few minutes by car along the Kalamar Road or if you are feeling fit it is a nice stroll with a couple of hills.

With the improvements and extension to the Kalamar road including the construction of new shops, restaurants and hotels it has opened up the way to Kalamar bay, the tranquil bay has over the past decade developed to a popular residential location, initially modest villas were built, but in recent years developers have realized its potential and exploited the land with large luxury villas,

Planning control has been or has not been at its best and some of the more extravagant villas look a little out of place, never or less they have attracted the rich and famous that seek locations to ” Hide Away” which Kalamar bay offers, however these large colonial style villas have been halted apart from 2 that for some reason were allowed to be built, why the planning problems arise at the completion stage rather than the construction phase appears a mystery.
Holding this development up has been to the detriment of Kalamar Bay as when these villas are completed they will enhance the landscape, as at the moment a building site of such a size is not welcoming to the eye, I am sure that when completed this millionaires row will attract like minded investors to this superb location.

So I hope the differences between the developer and the area planning authority can be resolved and construction resumed.

Kalamar Bay is an ideal location to base yourself for a relaxing break, it is quiet, very scenic and away from the maddening crowd the warm inviting sea is at your finger tips, most villas have their own swimming pools, but the clear blue sea is well worth a short walk.
Most properties and hotels have wonderful views. ( VIDEO )

Kalamar is a perfect location for exploring by day to local villages such as Kalkan, Kas, Islamlar, Fethiye, Olu Deniz, you will find most places have great markets.

Ancient Sites such as Patara, Letoon, Tlos, Myra to mention a few are all easily visited, if you don’t fancy driving there are tour agents at hand, our tourist information page should help. Or contact us.

On the Kalamar road you will find a selection of shops, supermarkets, Chemist, Hairdresser, real estate agents of which there are many! the road leads into Kalkan were you will find an excellent selection of shops, post office and at the time of writing this 5 Banks and approx 200 first rate restaurants.

Nearest Airport is Dalaman which is approx 90 mins drive, the roads are good, with plenty of transport facilities and car hire agents.